Story About Cigarette Addiction

My addiction to smoking started after my first cigarette as I felt the relaxing effects of Nicotine on my “uptight” nerves.  I was 24 years old (already past puberty and peer pressure to smoke) but it was a girl whom I was dating at the time who got me hooked.  This led to a 30 year love affair with  tobacco…but during those years, I saw society becoming less and less tolerant until now where there are a lot of outdoor places you can’t even smoke.

With two huge tax increases on cigarettes in my state, it made smoking cigarettes ill-affordable for me but at the same time…they came out with these filtered cigars, same size as 100’s for a price I could afford.  Only thing…this was inhaling cigar tobacco which made me cough so hard I would get dizzy and have dry heaves over the toilet.

Recently, I was having one of these attacks from smoking and I became unconscious in my bathroom and fell on the sink and fractured my left eye , lacerated my lower lip and also chipped my two front teeth.  I was rushed to the hospital by ambulance.

Many months and especially weeks prior to this incident (as I am a Christian)…I was praying to the Lord to help me quit this horrible addiction which would embarrass me in public with coughing attacks and on the phone with friends…not to mention keep me in very poor physical health.  I feel this incident was God’s way of using the proverbial two by four over my head to get my attention !!!

Upon release from the hospital and later on that night…I saw on the discharge papers the Quit Line for Tobacco and I called them and they are a huge help for me and on the next Sunday…I had the Pastor of the church anoint me with oil while other Elders and Deacons prayed over me for healing and release from Satan’s grip on me with this addiction.

Currently I am Nicotine free and not suffering any cravings as I have been finding ways to keep my hands and mind active…one thing I do is constantly have my coffee can filled with coffee (I am a type of person who can still sleep after drinking a lot of caffeine during the day and night).

I feel like a new man and that constant urge to light up has been lifted from me from the Holy Spirit and the gift of so many people who understand the horrible feeling this addiction can bring to somebody…I look forward to the day my lungs are fully restored and I won’t even be counting how many days I have been freed.  Thank you…

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